A selection of my short stories for download to Kindle, ereaders, iPhone, PC and pdf formated for printing, for just 39p each.

Expensive stock is missing from Hempshall's department store and the finger of blame is firmly pointing at Santa and the Snow Princess. (2700 words)

Santa's Little Helper

“I look more like a hooker than an elf,” said Amy, struggling to zip up thigh-length boots. The tiny red mini-skirt didn’t do much for her thighs either and the froth of white fur decorating the sweater’s neckline kept tickling her nose.

Hempshall’s department store usually hired in seasonal workers, students and the like, to man Santa’s Grotto, but this year due to cutbacks, George Hempshall had come up with the idea that members of staff take turns in the grotto. An hour or so here and there on a rota, he’d suggested.

Expensive hired costumes were out, too. They’d have to make do with what they could lay their hands on, which in Amy’s case appeared to be several unsold sale and lost property items circa nineteen eighty five.

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It’s almost Christmas and Mel is feeling neglected. Her daughter, Ellie, has flown the nest and husband, Pete, is busy with a heavy work load, so when Mel finds an angel in the freezer it sparks all kinds of emotions. Is Mel’s flushed appearance purely down to ‘her time of life’. Or is it something magical? (2800 words)

An Angel in the Freezer

I found an angel at the bottom of our freezer. I’m not entirely sure how she got there, but there she was, firmly wedged between a packet of frozen peas and an out-of-date chicken Kiev, her wings firmly stuck by the ice to the plastic wrapper. I prised her off and now she’s got ‘with extra garlic’ traced in green lettering down her left wing. She’s an odd-looking thing as angels go and I was going to sling her straight in the waste bin but something stopped me.

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